Managed IT Services for SMB

GoToTech is a managed IT service provider who offers services to smaller businesses who need to take their computer needs more seriously but aren't quite big enough to have a full-time IT department.

Managed IT service providers help businesses manage their computer systems and control costs. That way you can enjoy the peace of mind allowing you to invest your time growing your business, and not managing your infrastructure.


Benefit from real-time support on all your assets at any time, anywhere in Ontario. Avoid downtime and problems through a proactive approach.

Remote & On-site

Whether you need on-site intervention or remote support, GoToTech is always available to help you with your problems and challenges.

Free Your Resources

Allow your key resources to work on value-added tasks by automating processes and using a full or partial management service offer.

Maintenance & Support

Businesses can be easily overwhelmed when it comes to the challenges of managing and maintaining their computer hardware. Most businesses have a mix of new and used products and solutions in an environment that is constantly evolving.

GoToTech's maintenance and support services allow you to get the most out of your IT equipment. By automating redundant processes and proactively managing your hardware and solutions, we help you maximize your investment, time and resources.